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The Companions – unity in diversity: being and doing.  Companions are seeking a safe, sacred space characterised by a sense of connection and trust where there is loving support and a home for every one of its participants.  This loving support extends to accepting being challenged from time to time but in ways that are loving and non-judgemental.  The Companions is a community, a “sangha” that is full of mutual support for the individual and the collective on the spiritual “journey”, open to fellow seekers regardless of age, sex, race, religion or any other irrelevant distinction.  At the same time the community is not fixed in its form whilst being firm in its values – it is open to evolution and change to respond to the needs of its members. 


It is a community of lovers of beauty, truth and wisdom where friendship, pleasure and laughter abound, where sorrow and shadow can also be held and healed. It is a place of acceptance, of recognition of our mutual humanity and shared hopes and longings for our souls to be free and “at home”.  The Companions is a community free of dogma or religious affiliation, welcoming all who love Love, fellow seekers of the Absolute, the Divine however we experience it.  It is a home for people of like hearts and minds who want to be together and will gather regularly to provide mutual support, celebrate the spiritual journey together and provide inspiration and motivation when times get tough or arid. In our coming together we find opportunity for sharing ritual, spiritual practice and worship in countless ways to feed our souls and draw closer to the Divine. 


By supporting one another through these values and practices, we seek to help each other to avoid or pass through crises along the way, a place of holding but also renewal and emergence. Companions choose to be together because we know that by simply being together as well as doing, we can share our common humanity, nurture each other in that sharing and help each other draw ever close to each other and to the Divine.  We recognise there is no substitute in a “soul community” for the power of simply being together as a means of going ever deeper into truth, wisdom, love and connection.  Through these we are ever more at home in the world and able to nurture not just ourselves and our everyday lives, but our families and other communities.





The Companions – a learning community: becoming.  Our learning about ourselves, the “why”, “how” and “what” of our being helps to bind us together as a community.  We are all learning along the Way and have access to opportunities through being together that deepen that sense of learning and ability to act in the world in the  service of love and justice in whatever form that takes for us individually and collectively.   We commit to the encouragement of our mutual learning and leadership development.  Ours is not a self regarding community of spiritual pleasure seekers, but a dynamic gathering of learning and growth to the benefit of all through the strengthening of our heart and soul in the world in whatever way we work and serve.


The Companions is not a substitute place for group therapy, that can happen in other settings nor is it a gathering of self-congratulatory spirituality.  It is a community of shared leaning for the benefit of all, of joy and pleasure in that learning, but also a place of tough commitment and hard work in the healing of ourselves and the world.  In our regular gatherings we find opportunities for teaching and learning through sharing our experiences, knowledge, wisdom and ideas, nurturing our personal spiritual growth and deepening our understanding through the pursuit of learning that nourishes our values and practices.


The opportunities are many and varied and the Sacred Space Foundation will seek to provide the hub at modest cost.  Programmes which the Companions have suggested include opportunities to deepen knowledge and practice in:- the Enneagram, Therapeutic Touch, Contemplation, song and dance, pilgrimage, retreats, spiritual direction, cultivating creative space, labyrinth walking, spiritual practices of stillness, silence, reflection.  Courses and workshops of all sorts will be developed that meet the needs of the community and its members.

The Companions – connected when separate.   We recognise the need to keep in touch and we avail ourselves of modern technology to foster spiritual learning and maturation.  An email network with regular newsletters, requests for help and prayer, inspiring words, guidance on spiritual practice and an on-line community “blog” and exchange of contact details (with consent) permits connection even when we are far apart. 

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